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Testing development versions of FusionDirectory

How to build the demo

  • Clone repository
git clone https://gitlab.fusiondirectory.org/demonstration/demo-fixes.git
  • Install a basic LDAP
  • Replace the informations in demoInstall.sh
declare -r PASSWORD='password'
declare -r DEMO_URL=''
declare -r BASE='dc=labo,dc=fusiondirectory,dc=org'
  • Launch demoInstall.sh

Testing with the fixes versions


Do like https://documentation.fusiondirectory.org/en/documentation/admin_installation/schema_installation but change the repository

# fusiondirectory repository jessie
deb http://integration.fusiondirectory.org/repos/fixes-releases/debian/fusiondirectory-11-fixes-jessie/ jessie main

# fusiondirectory repository wheezy
deb http://integration.fusiondirectory.org/repos/fixes-releases/debian/fusiondirectory-11-fixes-wheezy/ wheezy main


Do like https://documentation.fusiondirectory.org/en/dl_install#centos-6rhel-6 but change the baseurl



Do like https://documentation.fusiondirectory.org/en/dl_install#centos-7rhel-7 but change the baseurl


Testing with the dev versions

:!: Those versions are not for productions but to test the new major release and can be broken :!:

deb https://integration.fusiondirectory.org/repos/development/debian/fusiondirectory-dev-jessie/
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