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Configuring your client and your project on the forge

So you have decided to create a plugin for FusionDirectory and asked for a git repo on the forge.

Thank you :)

Using implies the following:

  • Using git version system
  • Using Redmine web interface for support ticket/documentation
  • Contact fusiondirectory communities through irc channel #fusiondirectory on freenode server to get your account

Quick Start guide

Requirement :

  • a public SSH key for connection you can generate it by using ssh-keygen command on linux system
  • an account on please ask bilbo-the-hobbit or ptitoliv on #fusiondirectory chan
  • an account on git server please ask bilbo-the-hobbit or ptitoliv on #fusiondirectory chan
  • a git repository on git server please ask bilbo-the-hobbit or ptitoliv on #fusiondirectory chan

Create your repository/project

The following is correct for a git client on a linux system

Identify your account

git config --global "<your email address>" 
git config --global "<your name>" 

as soon as your git project account is created you can proceed.

Initialize your repository

mkdir <your plugin>

initialize the git repository

git init

add a first empty file to init the git repository

touch README
git add README

Commit the first file

git commit -a -m "First commit." 

Tell git that your origin is remote

git remote add origin ssh://<your git account><your plugin>.git

Define the master repository for the first use of your repository

git push origin master

Use the repository on the forge

At this time you could put your files on the folder created on the current directory : <your plugin>

after you can add all file in file versionning system :

git add <your file/directory>

As git is decentralised you could commit in your local repository :

git commit <your file/folder>  -m "your comment" 

Configure the repository on the forge

click on <save>

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