Global presentation of main screen

After logging, the following screen appears :

Main screen

The screen is mainly separated in 3 part

In red

This is the user space. In this part, all user connected could modify his own informations (if they have the right to do this)

In orange

This is the main administration space. All configuration inside the tree could be done by accessing trough this menu. As far you install some additional menu ( as sudo plugin, server plugin and more), some icons will be added…

In green

This is the addons space : Some plugins couldn't be considered as administration plugin so there are stored in this place “Addons”, in this example a special addons is shown, the adressbook plugin (like a white pages systems)

As you see, the left menu correspond to the items placed on the right. This menu always stay in place

User space

The following screen show you the User space screen. At this time, our FusionDirectory installation is very basic, but with additionnal plugins some screen like this will be completed (adding mail extension or samba…)

User space Screen

If the user have all right (like admin) all informations could be modified. Each informations try to be showed and be as comprehensive as possible. In the bottom right, you'll have and Edit and save button in order to save the modified values. Please pay attention on the top right, there the Distinguished Name of the user. It could a very important information. Here it is cn=System Administrator-admin,ou=people,dc=acme,dc=com

Listing Screen

A classical listing view will be described. The example is the user management screen. By clicking on user icon in Administration space, you'll obtain the following :

Listing view

In black

This part allow you to travel inside the directory tree, trough the base field. On the screen you see [root] which means the root of LDAP tree.

In Red

This the listing part. It is a table with several columns which could change depending the context used ( user management, group management, server management ..) Despite that it could be a little bit different, some elements are always present like :

  • check/uncheck column : we can choose record(s) that we want to modify with a specific action (deletion for exemple)
  • Name/description column : It is only informational columns (those kind of columns could change)
  • properties column : Mainly used for user management, it allows you a direct access on specific part of the user selected. If posix option are activated an pinguin icon will appears next to the user.
  • Actions column : There is inside some actions corresponding to the listed elements. In this cas we can see :
    • scissor : this action allow you to cut ( and paste ) the selected object
    • 2 sheets of paper : this action allow you to copy ( and paste ) the selected object
    • 1 paper and pen : this action allow you to edit the selected object
    • padlock : this action allow you to lock the selected object (only for user)
    • keys : this action allow you to set a new password (only for password)
    • open folder : this action allow you to restore this object from snapshot (if the icon is black and white, there is not snapshot available but if it's colorized there is some)
    • Floppy disk : this action allow you to create a snapshot
    • trash bin : this action allow you to delete the selected object.

All the above actions could be available in action menu. Using action menu could give you the possibility to make the same action on several (and selected) object in the same time. By default, only 200 records are shown, If more than 200 are available, a warning message will appears and ask you to confirm to show 100 records addtionnal or to show all (/!\ be carrefull about search timeout)

In Blue

This is the filtering part. Check or uncheck some options allows you to show only wanted object with special information. This part isn't static. Adding a plugin could extend this part.

In orange

This is the search part. You need to type at least 3 caracters in order to make a valid search. This form show you dynamic result. Generally, the search box filter in data shown in the listing part. Don't forget to click on Apply filter Let avoid thsi part means that all record are selected.

In green

The action buttons provide the actions shown for each record in Listing part but it could have more features. Please see above :

Action List

  • Create : The item allow you to create a User or a special user called template (we'll see it later)
  • Apply template : Apply template take a user and apply to it the template rule (automatic fill of certain field..)
  • Export list : you can export as list the current list (PDF and CSV supported)
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