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What is FusionDirectory ?

From a simple Web browser, FusionDirectory allows you to set and manage the various components of your information system.

  • User management (Windows / Unix)
  • Management of messaging (transport and storage)
  • Management of workstations (Linux / windows / Thin Client)
  • Management of network service (SMTP / DNS / DHCP / Samba )
  • Access Management
  • Precise management by delegation of authority

Using free software, FusionDirectory wants to be a simple and intuitive interface benefiting from advanced features for the daily management.

  • Copy and paste system
  • Template mode for account and system
  • Snapshot mode
  • System Dashboard (user, telephone report, installation and deployment)

FusionDirectory Philosophy

The least intrusive

FusionDirectory is the least intrusive possible. Through a web interface, FusionDirectory uses LDAP (OpenLDAP, iPlanet, 389directory) with appropriate schemas. Each service queries the directory.

No software is modified for use with FusionDirectory. If the application can not communicate with an LDAP directory is FusionDirectory that will fit.

The more modular

FusionDirectory is modular. A network service = one plugin. This plugin may be accompanied by an LDAP schema if necessary, but FusionDirectory use the standard scheme when possible.

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